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HTC condenses company's mobile history into a short video, concludes with the HTC One

In a new video, HTC highlights the company's major innovations in the mobile world throughout its history, concluding with the HTC One.
May 24, 2013

HTC seems to be the center of quite a bit of talk recently, most of it negative. From the loss of engineers and executives, to the failure of the HTC First, all the reports share the same message: HTC is in trouble.

The light at the end of the tunnel seems to be the HTC One, and the extremely positive reception the phone has seen so far. That’s why it is no surprise to see the company talking up the handset whenever possible, such as in their latest video advertisement, “HTC – A Smartphone Innovator”.

The video starts with the company’s humble beginnings, mentioning its early days with Windows CE touch devices. It continues to highlight some of the great innovations the company has brought forth over the years, concluding with the HTC One and the stellar reviews the phone has received.

It remains unseen whether the HTC One will be enough to push the company forward to brighter days, but don’t expect HTC to give up without a fight. As HTC points out, they have certainly been an innovating force in the mobile world, and hopefully they continue to be for years to come.

What do you think of HTC? Can the company turn things around for the better with their latest flagship?