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With its improved hardware and refined looks, the HTC One (M8) is a solid improvement over its predecessor and seems like a solid step in the right direction for HTC. If you are interested in the handset, HTC offers it in many different flavors including carrier-branded, unlocked, developer edition and Google Play Edition.

For those of you that picked up the HTC One in a form that includes Sense 6.0 and are finding yourselves wishing you had a stock Android option to fall back on, you’ll be happy to know that such an option now exists. Thanks to the efforts of the Firewater team, S-Off has been achieved for the HTC One (M8), opening the door to a complete GPe conversion method for the handset from well-known XDA member graffixnyc.

S-Off has been achieved for the HTC One (M8), opening the door to a complete GPe conversion method for the M8

Transforming your One into a GPe device isn’t exactly an easy process, but we suspect that those interested in this sort of thing are likely to be pretty familiar with some of the technical aspects involved here. Installing the files needed to convert your device will not only require S-Off and technical know-how, you’ll also need a GSM version of the HTC One M8, so CDMA device owners on networks like Verizon and Sprint need not apply. Additionally, it’s important to note that the conversion files will completely wipe the contents of your internal memory.

Sound like something you’re interested in experimenting around with? You can find detailed instructions and all the files needed for the process over at the XDA forum, just remember that things can and sometimes do go wrong when modding your phone — so proceed at your own risk. For those that have tried it, how did everything go? Let us know in the comments.

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