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HTC One Google Edition supply expected to be very limited

The mythical HTC One Google Edition may see an extremely limited release at launch. Read on to find out what we know.
May 28, 2013

We’ve been hearing rumblings of an imminent new HTC One for the past weeks, an edition that supposedly eschews HTC’s Sense software for stock Android (think Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Google Edition).

Now, we have tentative confirmation that the device does, indeed, exist, and won’t remain in in the shadows for much longer. A Pocket-lint source said that the device will be made available in the extreme near future. However, quantities available for order will apparently be limited. Very limited.

How few HTC One Google Edition phones does HTC plan to manufacture? As little as 1 percent of One sales so far. Estimating by the global sales figures the company released recently, that’s only 50,000 units. According to the source, HTC wants to test the waters before deciding whether to go ahead with a bigger rollout.

Though it’s important to take this information with a grain of salt, it isn’t implausible that HTC may approach the idea of an unsubsidized phone tepidly. We haven’t heard how much the Sense-less (pun not intended) One might cost, but if it’s anything close to the Galaxy S4 Google Edition’s $649 price point, a majority of consumers will probably be dissuaded from purchasing it, no matter how great stock Android is.