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The regular HTCOne not good enough for you? A gold-plated HTCOne might just be your style

The HTCOne's all-metal construction already has a premium look and feel, but for some, a more precious element like gold might be more their thing. But it's going to cost you. Read on for more!
June 25, 2013
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For some, the aluminum unibody of the HTCOne gives them the high-end feel that they long for. But if you’re an Arab prince or a Russian billionaire businessman, you might prefer a more precious metal.

Enter Goldgenie, who is offering the 32GB version of HTCOne embellished in 24 carat gold for the low price of $2436.03. If regular gold just isn’t your thing, then you’ll be happy to know that Goldgenie also offers the HTCOne in rose gold and platinum — for a price of course. The rose gold edition will cost you $2564.57, and the platinum edition will cost a cool $2693.12.

Rose Gold HTCOne
The Rose Gold version of the HTCOne

When you are spending so much for a smartphone you’d expect it to come in a fancy box, and luckily Goldgenie’s got you covered with a unique Luxury Cherry Oak box. Goldgenie also assures those who wish to travel that the HTCOne will be factory unlocked to work on all networks and you can choose between either the silver or black model.

On the inside however, the HTCOne is just like any other, not that it’s a bad thing. That means it’ll still come with a Full HD 4.7-inch display, a blazing fast quad-core Snapdragon 600 clocked at 1.7Ghz, backed by 2GB of RAM, and a 2300mah battery to keep your smartphone running.

If you want to know more about this version of the HTCOne or any other for that matter, check out our written review by clicking here.

rose gold HTCOne in box

If you’ve already bought a regular HTCOne, you can send it to Goldgenie, and it will embellish it with the same 24 carat gold. So don’t throw away your regular HTCOne just yet.

If you’re interested in the gold HTCOne, you’ll be pleased to know that Goldgenie offers free international shipping. Unfortunately this smartphone is a little out of this author’s price range, so he’s currently taking donations. Now all he’s got to do is find a gold-plated case to protect that erm… gold.

Are any of our readers planning on grabbing this edition of the HTCOne? Or is the regular version serving you well? Still a fan of the plastic Galaxy S4?