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HTC One “Google Edition” isn't without some sacrifice: won't support IR blaster, HTC Zoe or Beats Audio software switch

Earlier today we learned that the HTC One "Google Edition" is coming in late June. There is a lot to love about the HTC One GE, but there is also some sacrifice, such as losing some of HTC's special features and software.
May 30, 2013
htc one google edition

Earlier today, Google’s Sundar Pichai revealed that the HTC One with “a Nexus Experience” is happening, despite the initial denials from HTC. The announcement of the HTC One Google Edition follows behind the Google I/O reveal of the GS4 GE.

What makes these Google Edition devices so exciting is that we can enjoy our favorite flagship phones without worrying about all the manufacturer bloat that normally comes with them. Of course the Google Edition handsets don’t come without some sacrifice.

Love or hate OEM skins and customizations, part of the what draws consumers to devices like the Galaxy S4 and HTC One are the special features you can’t find with stock Android. For the HTC One this includes HTC Zoe, Blinkfeed, an IR blaster, an FM radio app and Beats Audio software.

So that leaves the question, what happens to these features when you opt for a phone that doesn’t include Sense? Android Police reached out to HTC to clarify the situation, and learned what we’ve always suspected, none of these features will be present on the Google Edition handsets (at least as far as the HTC One is concerned), with the exception of Beats Audio – which apparently will be present, just without the software audio switch in the status bar.

It is worth mentioning that the capacitive button configuration on the HTC One will be exactly the same even with the Google Edition of the handset.

So is the Google Edition worth it, considering the loss of some of HTC’s special features? The answer to that is dependent on what you plan to do with your phone. If you love modding, hacking and absolutely can’t stand Sense, then sure it is. Not to mention that there are likely 3rd party modifications out there that will help you “put back” some of the features you lose, if you so desire.

For those that really don’t care about modding and don’t mind Sense, this phone probably isn’t for you.

What do you think of the HTC One “Google Edition”, excited to get your hands on it or are you perfectly happy with the standard HTC One?