It’s been a slow climb out of the mess that HTC found itself in after the botched launch of the HTC One. Component shortages and delayed launches certainly didn’t do the company’s bottom line any good, but fortunately for HTC these problems look to be over.

HTC is expecting to ramp up production of the One over the next couple of months in order to meet the swelling demand for its latest flagship handset. Production capacity is set to double by the end of this month, now that component issues are sorted out, and will continue to increase throughout June to accommodate the demand.

Financially, HTC was already starting to show signs of recovery after the launch of the HTC One, and, as long as demand remains strong, the company could experience a significant turnaround in fortunes, come the end of the second quarter.

The company’s Q1 2013 financial results revealed a disappointing revenue of $1.45 billion (NT$42.8 billion) after months of dismal figures and a record low monthly profit of just $2.8 million in February. Fortunately, the last two months seem to have been much better, putting HTC on track for a projected Q2 revenue of $2.4 billion (NT$70billion). As a bonus piece of good news for HTC, sales of the J Butterfly doubled in Japan once the device was put on a free with a contract offer.

HTC must be feeling pretty good after a many rough months, but time will tell if the ailing company can sustain this momentum throughout the rest of the year.