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Android 4.3 update starts rolling out to HTC One Developer Edition

As promised, Android 4.3 has now begun rolling out to the HTC One Developer Edition. Keep reading for more details!
September 26, 2013

On Monday, HTC’s Jason Mackenzie took to twitter to announce that Android 4.3 would be making its way to HTC One Developer Edition handsets in the United States this week, with an Android 4.3 update to follow next month in Canada.

For those lucky HTC One Developer Edition owners, the time has now come!

So what’s new in software version 3.22.1540.1? First, you get all the expected Android 4.3 enhancements such as Bluetooth LE support, OpenGL ES 3.0, enhanced photo DayDream and more. On the HTC specific side, the changes are pretty light and include bug fixes, speedier system performance and a new battery charging animation in the power-off state.

All-in-all, Android 4.3 isn’t a massive update from Android 4.2, but there are still a few welcome changes and improvements.

So what about those without the HTC One Developer Edition? If you live in Taiwan, you’ll be happy to know that the update has already started rolling out. For those international users with an unlocked HTC One, you might also be in luck, according to several reports floating around the web.

Unfortunately for those with U.S. Carrier versions of the HTC – and for those in Europe – the wait is still on. While we can’t say for sure when the rest of HTC One owners will end up with Android 4.3, we’d imagine that the earliest would be sometime in October.

For those that have already upgraded to Android 4.3 on the HTC One, what do you think of the update so far? Did everything go smoothly while upgrading?