Last month, HTC’s Jason Mackenzie revealed that the HTC One would be skipping Android 4.2.2, in favor of a direct jump over to Android 4.3 in September. It was also revealed that the Droid DNA would also be getting Android 4.3 around the same time.

September is now almost over, so where’s the expected update? According to the latest tweet by Jason Mackenzie, Android 4.3 will hit the Developer Edition this week in the states, and will arrive to HTC One customers in Canada by the end of the month.

Unfortunately, the Droid DNA and U.S. carrier versions of the HTC One aren’t so lucky.


In a second tweet by Mackenzie, it is revealed that HTC is still “working hard & optimistic for U.S. Carrier certification”, but it appears that there is no ETA slated for any of the carrier devices. Hopefully the wait will be a short one, though we wouldn’t start mashing the update button on your handset just yet.


As always, we’ll be sure to keep our readers update when we learn more about HTC’s Android 4.3 update plans.

Any U.S.-based HTC One owners frustrated by the lack of a Android 4.2.2 update, and now a delay for Android 4.3? Or are you still perfectly content with your HTC One, and the software currently onboard?

Andrew Grush

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