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HTC has had a lot of past defeats, and as a result of this the company is no longer a big wig in the mobile industry like Samsung or Sony, the Wall Street Journal says. Component suppliers no longer see HTC as a “tier-one customer” after the company saw a big decrease in revenue last year, which means HTC had to drastically alter its orders, and regularly too.

The main issue seems to be getting components for the One’s new UltraPixel camera along with the metal casing. HTC is hoping that the One will be its saving grace and is backing it with all it has, but despite this, component suppliers aren’t prioritizing the device or the company, which HTC can not do a whole lot about.

HTC’s situation has gotten so bad that CEO and president Peter Chou has told other senior executives within the Taiwanese-based company that he will step down from his position if the One is another failure. Let’s hope HTC does not have anymore delays with the One, the company is beginning to push dangerously close to the Galaxy S4’s launch window. Things are already bad as it is.