samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one one back aa

The HTC One was meant to be the one to bring HTC back. It’s a dynamic phone with awesome build quality, but fell short in a few respects. Sure, the production slowdown hurt a bit… but there was another problem. For whatever reason, the HTC One didn’t make its way to Verizon customers immediately. A phone meant to revive a slumping HTC should have been made available to the largest US carrier, right?

If recent indications are accurate, that’s all water under the bridge. The HTC One looks like it will come to Verizon soon, reportedly “before July”. We have seen the HTC One appear as its codename (the M7) several times, but nothing like this. Everyone’s favorite source EvLeaks has recently provided some screenshots, from someone who “needs advanced knowledge of upcoming devices”. The screenshots show a dropdown menu, with many Verizon HTC phones listed alongside the HTC One.

We’ve heard of the T6 before, but that’s not the One. That device will probably replace the Droid DNA in the fall, while the M7 is set for a much sooner release. We hope Verizon customers who may be ready to upgrade will give this phone a good, hard look. It’s a really nice device, and we’d be happy to see it on Verizon.