Earlier today, I ranted a bit about HTC’s apparent lack of focus when it comes to branding and picking the right product naming strategy. The reason was a report originating from @evleaks that said that HTC’s upcoming flagship would be called HTC One, instead of HTC M7, as we assumed so far.

But what was @evleaks’ source in the first place? Well, it might be the picture below, which was published yesterday on Flickr. It may not look like much, but the EXIF info indicates that the picture was taken with an “HTC One”.

A caveat – EXIF data can be tampered with, so take with a grain of salt.

htc camera sample

This week, we’ve heard that the HTC One/M7 will feature a novel type of camera sensor, that replaces the conventional RGB sensor with a multilayered sensor of lower resolution. To market the new sensor, HTC reportedly wants to use the term ultrapixel, with the sensor having a resolution of 4.3 ultrapixels.

While the EXIF data of the above image doesn’t include the resolution, similar images from the stream of user sq030 show a resolution of 1520 x 2688, or about 4.1MP. However, only the most recent image appears to be snapped with an HTC One.

Speaking of the user sq030, some of the other pictures in the stream suggest that he or she works for HTC, perhaps as a quality assurance technician.

The HTC One will make its official debut on February 19 at a New York event. We’ll keep you posted.