HTC One Blue

We’ve already heard several rumors about the blue version of the HTC One, and we’ve even seen an alleged press shot and a ‘real life’ image of the device’s outershell. Now comes two more leaked images, one showing the device beside the HTC Mini and One Mini, and another apparently showing the blue One in the wild.

The first thing you’ll notice about the blue HTC One in the two new images is that its hue is the same as we saw in the previous ePrice leaked photo, instead of that pale, boring blue color seen in the original @evleaks press image.

HTC One Blue

Besides rocking a new color, the blue version of the One is presumed to be identical to other versions of the device, including Sprint’s glamour red model.

When’s it coming, and for what carriers?

The recent increase in leaked images seems to indicate that a release could be just around the corner, though honestly we can’t say that with any certainty.

As for where the color will arrive, Verizon has been previously mentioned as the US exclusive carrier for this model of the blue HTC One. We also suspect that HTC will bring the blue model to at least a few other carriers outside of the states – though we have no clue which ones.

What do you think of the darker blue HTC One, like it or do you prefer one of the existing shades instead?

Andrew Grush
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