You didn’t really think the HTC One rumor-fest ended already, did you? Good, because neither did we. Even if, after hearing about US release dates and pricing, there wasn’t much to be revealed. Or so it seemed.

As some of you might remember, several sources “in the know” told the media back in January that HTC was planning to make the M7 (as it was called then) available in two color combos. And while the silver-and-white model turned up in an (ev) leak a few days ago, the all-black one remained a mystery (that is, if you don’t count fakes).

But the mystery is no more, as the folks over at @EvLeaks have done it again. Darn, these guys are good!


The HTC One is pretty in black as well, although there’s no way to be sure if this leaked render is the real deal. The fact that it looks exactly the same as the silver model, except for the coat of paint, is a good sign, but there’s always Photoshop to cast doubts on the whole thing.

The thin bezel is there, the Back and Home buttons are positioned exactly likes on the silver One, there’s also that HTC logo separating the two, identical dual speakers grills and a body that’s most likely made out of aluminum.

The date is of course set for February 19, when the HTC One is expected to make its debut, while the place has changed from London to New York. Coincidentally (not), the two will host twin unveiling events. But does that mean the black version will be US-exclusive?