A lot of HTC smartphone users have had complaints about the poor battery life of their devices, a concern compounded with the fact the recent HTC devices feature uni-body designs, making the batteries non-removable. If you were considering picking up a HTC One, but were worried about the battery performance, fear no more!

According to battery endurance tests done by Expert Reviews, the 2,300 mAh battery of the HTC One managed close to 17 hours of 3G talk-time, and more notably, lasted an amazing 8 hours and 32 minutes in video playback! With numbers like these, getting a full day of usage with one charge, which has become increasingly difficult, should not be a problem anymore. The review does state that the review unit did not feature the final software version, but assuming that the final release will only make things more efficient, the battery test results are great.

htc one battery test

To put these numbers in perspective, a recent battery test of the Sony Xperia Z, which features a slightly larger battery at 2,330 mAh, showed that while the Xperia Z lasted for 16 hours of 3G talk-time, the video playback test gave a result of just 5 hours and 39 minutes. Granted, the Xperia Z does feature a larger display, but that shouldn’t result in a difference of more than 3 hours.

We’ll be looking at a lot of other battery tests once the HTC One is officially released later this month, but for now, the initial results are certainly impressive. Battery life could well become one of the many reasons to buy the HTC One.

What are your thoughts? Are you worried about the battery performance of the HTC One? Were you surprised/impressed by the test results? Let us know in the comments section below.

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