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HTC One availability and pricing roundup - US, Canada and Europe

With GS4’s release looming on the horizon, it’s time to take a look at the newest HTC One ETAs for some of the world’s most important markets – US, Canada and Europe.
April 5, 2013

HTC has bled money all throughout 2012, failing to come close to Samsung’s extraordinary financial and creative run. The One X was a flop, most of the company’s budget-friendly devices went unnoticed, and the Droid DNA came a little too late to make a difference.

After such a terrible year, HTC needed a fresh start and, for a second there, it seemed like the 2013 flagship phone, aptly named One, was going to provide the Taiwanese with a much needed breath of fresh air.

Cleverly unveiled earlier than the Samsung Galaxy S4, the One had it all, from a stunning display to a blazing fast processor and winning design. Unfortunately, HTC failed to capitalize on the phone’s initial wave of popularity, and, crippled by Ultrapixel camera shortages, was forced to delay the scheduled mid-March global launch.

With GS4’s own release now looming on the horizon, it all comes down to whether HTC can regroup and make the most of an unfortunate situation.  Every second of every minute counts in this race against the clock, so it’s time to take a look at the newest ETAs for some of the world’s most important markets – US, Canada and Europe.


US availability and pricing

If Verizon is still hesitating to claim a piece of the HTC One pie, the other three major American carriers are not. T-Mobile seems to have the edge on pricing, courtesy of the new “Uncarrier” strategy, but AT&T and Sprint will most likely be the first to sell the phone.

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  • AT&T – Up for pre-orders for a good half a day now, AT&T’s HTC One starts at $199.99, despite what tipsters told us earlier. That’s the 32 GB version’s on-contract price point, while the 64 GB model, exclusive to AT&T, goes for 100 bucks more. The shipping date has been tweaked as well, from April 19 to the 16th, even if we’re not entirely sure Ma Bell will be able to make good on this latest promise.
  • Sprint – The number three carrier in the States has opened HTC One pre-orders almost at the same time as AT&T, with the price tag of the 32 GB model being identical – $199.99 with two-year contracts. The estimated shipping date is still April 19 here, while if you bring your number to Sprint on a new line of service, the network will cut One’s price down to $99.99.
  • T-Mobile – One of the first things T-Mo announced after turning the page and moving away from contracts was HTC One’s pricing – $99 upfront, although it’s still unclear how much you’ll have to cough up extra on the 24 monthly installments. We’re guessing $20 each, but we’re not sure. The exact release date is not set in stone either, but rumor has it Magenta will ship out the first Ones come April 26.



Out of the four Canadian carriers confirmed to sell the HTC One, Rogers has been the only one to announce official pricing. The 4.7-incher starts at $149.99 with three-year contracts and is available for pre-orders for a while now.


The exact release date is still kept under wraps with Rogers, but Telus has tweeted that its first stock is due out on April 19. No words from Bell and Virgin Mobile for now and also nothing on the SIM-free HTC One pricing.

UK availability

British HTC One cravers have been a little luckier than their brothers across the seas, as the phone has been made available already via all important carriers.

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  • Vodafone – The One is apparently in stock with Voda and it can be had for no upfront payment with £42 or £47 monthly plans on two-year contracts. You can get the phone on slightly cheaper plans, but it’s going to cost you – £69 upfront with £37 plans, or £129 plus £33 a month.
  • Three – The silver HTC One ships from April 8 both on and off-contract. The former will require no upfront payment with either £34 or £36 plans, while the latter will have you cough up a cool £479.99. As for the black version, that’s available on the same pricing structure, but it’s only set to ship beginning April 30.
  • O2 – Only the silver version is in stock here too, available for free with £47 or £52 plans on 24-month contracts. The “Pay & Go” pricing is £479.99.
  • Orange – Unavailable on pay as you go, the One starts at £29.99 on £41 plans with contracts.
  • T-Mobile – Just like Orange, T-Mo doesn’t sell the SIM-free phone and it also doesn’t offer it for free with contracts. Instead, you’ll have to pay at least £29.99 upfront, while the most lucrative plans seem to cost £41 or £46.
  • EE – The 4G-ready HTC One is listed in stock in the silver flavor and starts at £29.99 with £46, £51, £56 and £76 plans.


Aside from these major carriers, you can grab the HTC One via TalkTalk, Phones4U and Carphone Warehouse for mostly identical prices. Clove and Amazon are still not ready to ship the phone, but first stock is due around mid-April with these retailers too.


Europe (the rest of it)

It’s a little hard to keep track of all the European carriers set to sell the HTC One (after all, HTC did partner with 185 operators worldwide), but for the most part the 4.7-incher is not available with anyone on the old continent aside from the above mentioned UK sellers.

Best case scenario, you could find the One in stock in three or four days from now, but don’t be too shocked if you’re not going to find it by the end of the month. As for pricing, this differs from country to country and retailer to retailer. €600 is probably the best deal you’ll be able to make, with some operators charging as much as €750 for the beast.

Before wrapping up, here’s our HTC One video review for anyone that’s still on the fence about the 4.7-incher.

With all that out of the way, it’s time to shut up and hear you out. Has anyone managed to score one of these bad boys? Are you (still) planning to? Has HTC blew it by not being able to make the One available earlier?