HTC’s manufacturing woes have been well documented, but recent reports indicate that the availability of the HTC One may finally be improving.

One of the main reasons for HTC’s recent dismal financial performance was the Taiwanese company’s failure to bring to market its most promising device, the HTC One.

The aluminum-built smartphone has long been regarded as HTC’s last hope for a turnaround, after a series of strategic and tactical errors have made HTC just a shadow of its former self. It’s no wonder that investors and market watchers alike were disappointed to learn that the One wouldn’t hit the markets in a timely manner, reportedly due to manufacturing issues with the One’s four ultrapixels camera.

However, the rough patch could end soon, with promising signs from several directions suggesting that HTC finally managed to tackle its manufacturing issues.

First off, reports emerged last week that some AT&T stores have begun selling the HTC One early, with more than a week left till the officially April 19 US launch date. The early availability of the phone in stores (and the staff’s willingness to sell them away) means that HTC had no trouble building up the inventory required for a massive nationwide launch.

Secondly, HTC has been reported to place short-term orders to component manufacturers for the production of an additional several million One units, as Digitimes reports. The surge can only be explained by the resolving of the problems that held HTC back over the last couple of months.

Thirdly, investment house JP Morgan has recently raised its rating on HTC to Neutral, based on the expected improvement in HTC One availability over the next weeks. The Taiwanese company is reported by Focus Taiwan to have worked with suppliers in order to ensure smooth productions of the new flagship:

HTC has helped its supply chain in terms of new vendor qualification, technology transfer and volume increase over the past few weeks, so the HTC One shipments are estimated to rise from 300,000 units in March to 1.2 million units in April and over 2 million units in May.

These signs are very positive for HTC, who is in dire need for some good news these days. Hopefully, a steady supply of One units will be made available across the world in the near future and, preferably, ahead of the Galaxy S4. The HTC One has been made available so far in just three major markets, Germany, the UK, and Taiwan, but is expected to hit the US on Friday, April 19.

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