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HTC One (M8) availability: what we know so far

The HTCOne (M8) is now official, but when can you get your hands on it? For some lucky markets, that day is today! For others, you're looking at April.
March 25, 2014
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The HTCOne (M8) is now official, and even better, it’s already available for purchase via select retailers and/or carriers in the United States, Canada and the UK!

In a move designed to up-one Samsung, Sony and other competitors, HTCannounced that the handset would start rolling out to over “230 operators across the globe” starting today. But where exactly can you pick up the handset today? And what’s the expected availability for other markets? Let’s jump in and find out.

U.S. Availability

If you’re looking to pick up the HTCOne (M8) in-store, you’re only choice is Verizon. Before you get too upset, however, it’s important to note that AT&T and Sprint both have the handset available for purchase online as we speak! That said, AT&T and Sprint won’t offer the handset in stores until April.

Out of the big three carriers, the only provider not getting in on the action early is T-Mobile, which is expected to carry the handset “starting some time next month”. Other carriers expected to offer the handset starting next month include Net10 and Cincinnati Bell Wireless. No word on if or when US Cellular will carry the handset just yet.

HTC says that the handset will cost $649 outright, though the contract price will vary between $199 and $249, depending on the carrier.

Canadian availability

Rogers, Bell and Telus are offering the HTCOne M8 online in limited quantity for “pre-sale” starting today, meaning if you order right away, it could be here as early as this week. Pricing will be $229.99 for all three carriers, though off-contract pricing will vary between $650 and $700.

Full availability is expected to begin on April 10th. Other carriers planning to carry the HTCOne M8 include Wind Mobile and SaskTel.

UK availability

As you likely already knew, Carphone Warehouse is offering limited quantities of the HTCOne M8 through select stores starting today. As for carriers? EE will offer the handset online on March 26th, with in-store stock on the 27th.

Vodafone has also confirmed its plans to carry the HTCOne M8, though no exact date has been given just yet. The actual cost of the HTCOne M8 will vary depending on the chosen tariff.

Australian availability

Vodafone Australia, Telstra and Optus Australia have all confirmed plans to carry the handset starting April 1st. No exact word on pricing just yet.

Other regions

That’s all the specific dates and plans we know at this time. If you have details about exact carrier or retailer plans in your region, be sure to send us a tip or share what you know with us in the comments below!

What do you think of the HTCOne M8, excited to get your hands on the next-gen HTCflagship, or were you expecting more?