It looks like HTC is finally figuring out the issue with the component supply shortages related to the UltraPixel camera, that has negatively-affected the highly-anticipated launch of the company flagship, the HTC One. With news trickling in over the last week or so about the launch of the device in Taiwan, the UK, the US, and Canada, it’s now time for the folks down under to rejoice!

That’s right, HTC confirmed that the HTC One will be available in Australia from April 23, with pre-orders with most major network carriers starting from tomorrow. As we expected, the HTC One will be available from all major carriers, including Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, and Virgin Mobile. Apart from confirming the availability on their networks, the companies also announced specific pricing and “recommended plan” information. Here’s a quick look (the $ below implies the Australian dollar) –

  • Optus – If you choose to sign up for a $60/month 2-year contract, you will have an additional $3/month handset payment. The monthly plan includes $650 worth of calls (1 minute = $1.19), unlimited SMS, and 1.5 GB of data. The plan over 24 months will cost a total of $1,512. Pre-orders for the HTC One will start from tomorrow, April 5.
  • Vodafone – A $60/month 2 – year contract will require an additional $5/month handset payment. The monthly plan includes $700 call value, unlimited SMS, and 1.5 GB of data. The plan over 24 months will cost $1,560. The pre-order page will go live from tomorrow, and if you decide to order the HTC One before April 22, you will receive a set of Beats Solo headphones, worth $199, for free.
  • Virgin Mobile – Virgin Mobile seems to offer the cheapest plan with the most value. A $59/month plan will require an additional $3/month payment for the handset. The monthly plan includes $700 call value, unlimited calls and texts to other Virgin Mobile customers, and 3GB of data and will cost $1,488 over 24 months. The pre-order page should go live from April 5 as well.
  • Telstra – Telstra offers the most expensive plan of the lot. A $60/month plan will mean an additional $10/month for the handset payment. The monthly plan itself also doesn’t offer as much comparatively, with $600 worth of calls, unlimited SMS, and 1 GB of data, with the total cost over 24 months setting you back $1,680. The carrier will also give you the opportunity to buy the device off contract at $768. Telstra will be offering the Beats Solo Headphones for free as well (till stocks last), and will also exclusively sell the black version of the HTC One. You can register here to find out more.

Granted, these are all just recommended plans, and other options will also be available for you. If you’re undecided on whether the HTC One is the device for you, don’t forget to check out our hands-on review below –

If you live in Australia, will you be picking up the HTC One? What do you think of the recommended plans the various network carriers have to offer? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Ankit Banerjee
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