If you don’t want to wait for shipping, you’re in luck! Starting today, you can pick up the HTC One from T-Mobile retail stores. It’ll cost you $99.99 upfront plus $20 per month over 24 months, which eventually comes out to a total of $579.99.

With T-Mobile’s new no-contract Simple Choice Plans, here are your options for a single line:

  • 500MB 4G data: $50 per month
  • 2GB 4G data: $60 per month
  • Unlimited 4G data: $70 per month

Each plan includes mobile hotspot access, unlimited calling, and texting. Unlike plans from other carriers, T-Mobile doesn’t charge you if you go over the data limit. However, once you hit the set amount of data at 4G speeds, you’re throttled down to 2G speeds until your next billing cycle.

Originally, T-Mobile said the HTC One would be available in “select” retail stores, so make sure to visit this page to find nearby locations, and call ahead to see if it’s actually in stock. In case you missed it, we reviewed the HTC One in-depth. Packing solid specs, a great UI, and beautiful design, it becomes clear why there is so much buzz surrounding this phone.

If you pre-ordered the HTC One from T-Mobile’s website, it starts shipping today.

Mike Stenger
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