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5 Best HTCOne Apps

The HTCOne is a great device, but how can you enhance your experience? Here is a list of the best HTCOne apps to help optimize your HTCOne experience.
October 4, 2013
best HTCOne apps
The HTCOne is an amazing device. With top of the line specs, speedy performance, and a premium look, it’s hard to believe this phone isn’t more popular. Even though it comes with pretty much everything you need to have a great experience right out of the box, there are some apps people can download to enhance their HTCOne experience. So below is a list of the 5 best HTCOne apps that will help you have even more fun with the HTCOne.

Best HTCOne apps Nova Launcher
 Nova Launcher Prime

[Price: Free / $4.00]

First on our list today is Nova Launcher Prime. Really, any launcher could have gone here but Nova Launcher is both among the most popular and most well liked launchers in all of Android. The reason we are including a launcher is very simple. It’s the only easy, non-root way for people to get rid of Blinkfeed. Even though HTCSense has come a very long way, there are many people who may not want an entire home screen taken up by Blinkfeed and we understand that. Using a third party launcher, you can remove Blinkfeed and regain that lost home screen!

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Best HTCOne Apps / Nova Launcher Prime

TeslaLED Best HTCOne apps

[Price: Free / $1.00]

The HTCOne has a lot of functionality. It comes with NFC, Bluetooth, and even Beats Audio to increase music quality. One thing it doesn’t come with is a way to use the LED flash as a flashlight. For this, we recommend TeslaLED Flashlight. It’s a lightweight app that you can use to engage your LED flash without the camera to give you some quick light if need be. There is even a nifty one-by-one sized widget that’ll turn it on without opening the app. So there’s convenience here, too. We highly recommend this one.

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Best HTCOne apps / TeslaLED

Best HTCOne apps / JuiceDefender

[Price: Free / $1.99 / $4.99]

We’re talking about one seriously powerful device here. One of the current kings of the graphical benchmarks. With great power comes great responsibility. Just kidding, it actually comes with great battery consumption. It won’t hurt to pick up an app to help you manage your battery life so you can squeeze every last minute out of each charge. The HTCOne is a great phone, but the battery life could be a lot better. We recommend JuiceDefender. There are a lot of versions to choose from and it’s already a staple app for millions of people.

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Best HTCOne apps / Juice Defender

Best HTCOne Apps / Zedge

[Price: Free]

There are a lot of wallpaper and ringtone apps out there, but there are few that can do it as well as Zedge. This powerful and often underrated application has tens of thousands of ringtones, notification tones, and wallpapers at your disposal to help you customize your sounds and wallpaper. If the stock ringtones and wallpapers just aren’t doing it, we recommend you give Zedge a try to see if you can’t find some better stuff. A word to the wise, Zedge has been around a long time, so not all their backgrounds are HD quality. Don’t let that deter you, there are plenty of HD ones in there too.

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Zedge Best HTCOne Apps

Swype Best HTCOne Apps
 Swype Keyboard and Swiftkey Keyboard

[Price (Skype): Free(trial) / $0.99]
[Price (Swiftkey): Free(trial) / $3.99]

OEM keyboards have never been overly popular and many people opt for third party keyboards. Here are two of the best ones you can get. Using the button below, you can pick up Swype and you can click here for Swiftkey. Both third party keyboards are world renown for their features and most people who aren’t using a stock keyboard are using one of these two. They’re functional, they’re cheap, they work, and they’are not the OEM keyboards. So if you’re not liking the stock HTCOne keyboard, these are the two we’d recommend.

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Swype Best HTCOne Apps

Best HTCOne apps wrap-up

There you have, five applications that should help make your experience with the HTCOne even more enjoyable that it might have been without them. From getting rid of Blinkfeed to extending functionality, this list will help you customize and use your HTCOne to its full potential.