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HTC One Accessories buying guide

We've put together a list of some of the best accessories to get the most out of your HTC One.
November 6, 2013

With our ever increasing dependency on our handheld devices, accessories have become a part and parcel of the “buying-a-new-device” process, whether it be for protection, convenience, ease of access, battery life extension, or just to look good, both OEMs and third party accessory manufacturers are offering more and better add-ons for your smartphones. We decided to roundup all the best accessories to complement the HTC One, to get the most out of the popular HTC flagship. Let’s get started!

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HTC Double Dip Flip Case


The Double Dip Flip case folds into a landscape stand, making it ideal for video and movie viewing. When not in use as a stand, the hard shell polycorbonate case with a protective fabric interior provides ample protection for the smartphone. It features two speaker cutouts at the top and bottom, to not lose the impact of the dual speaker Beats Audio, as well as a cutout for the LED. While there is no protection on the sides, the case features rubberized corners that provide some protection for the sides.

Apart from it being extremely useful, the HTC Double Dip Flip case is our top pick because of its price starting from as low as $18.99, on Amazon.

Otterbox Defender

defender htc one

If you’re looking for ultimate protection, the Otterbox Defender for the HTC One is the case for you. Featuring three layers of protection, including a screen guard, the case also has deep cutouts for the camera and the screen, to avoid any damage to these parts of the device. The Otterbox Defender also features dust protection for the charger and headphone ports. Granted, the case adds heft, but if you’re worried about dropping your phone often, the Otterbox Defender provides complete protection. Buy now on Amazon, starting at $29.90.

Honorable Mentions:

Zagg InvisibleShield


One of the best screen protectors for the HTC One is the Zagg InvisibleShield. Ultra-thin and very strong (the material was originally used to protect helicopter blades, according to Zagg), you also get a lifetime warranty, if your screen protector starts showing any signs of scratches or damage. You also get a protective film for the back of the device if you pick the Full Body option, which won’t stop damage from a fall, but will keep away any scratches to the metal back of the HTC One.

While one of the better screen guards, it a wet application screen protector, and will require a little more work to apply. Buy it now on Amazon starting from $10.

Spigen Steinheil (Ultra Crystal)

htc one accessory spigen steinheil

The Ultra Crystal film of the Spigen Steinheil screen protector for the HTC One is a high quality film with a hard surface, protecting the LCD screen from scratches and is crystal clear for no interference in display clarity and touchscreen responsiveness. Dry application process makes it very easy to install and remove and features a premium silicone adhesive for bubble free application. Buy it now on Amazon, starting from $13.99, which includes  a spare screen protector film.

Honorable Mentions:

Mophie Juice Pack

htc one accessory mophie

With the HTC One featuring a unibody design, power users may have a difficult time getting a full day of use out of the in-built, and non-removable, 2,300 mAh battery. Because the battery cannot be replaced, battery extension is possible only with the HTC Battery Bar (see below) or battery pack covers, such as the Mophie Juice Pack.

The Mophie Juice Pack for the HTC One is not a only a tough, durable case, but also includes a 2,500 mAh battery pack, doubling the battery life of your smartphone. Of course, this battery extension case does add bulk and weight to your device but not any more so than you’d get with an Otterbox case, and if protection, and more importantly battery life are areas of concern for you, the Mophie Juice Pack is your best bet. Buy now on Amazon, starting for $59.95.

HTC Battery Bar

htc one accessory battery bar

If you’re looking for a small and portable battery extender without the additional bulk associated with battery pack cases, you should definitely look at the HTC Battery Bar. Officially released by the company, the HTC Battery Bar accessory hold 6,000 mAh, which means that you can charge your smartphone twice, with a quick charge option that can charge your device up to 50% faster than other similar products. Keeping up with the design quality standard set by the HTC One, the Battery Bar is sleek and compact, and is available in two color options, orange or grey. Buy now from HTC for $49.99.

Honorable Mentions:

RND Dock

htc one accessory rnd dock

RND Power Solutions is known for their great charging docks for various smartphones, with the HTC One dock no exception. The dock includes a micro-USB cable and an AC adapter, and can accommodate a HTC One protected by a slim-fit case as well. Even though the main purpose of the dock is to charge your device, the RND dock for the HTC One gives you the option to plug in to your PC or laptop and sync through it. Buy now on Amazon, starting from $21.99.

Hyperion Desktop Charger

htc one accessory hyperion dock

The Hyperion Desktop Charger features a removable plate in the dock’s recess that allows users to charge their device with bigger cases, such as the HTC Double Dip Hard Shell. Apart from a layer of rubber foam at the bottom that prevents the dock from sliding around or damaging the surface it is placed on, and a subdued blue LED light to indicate charging, the cradle features a very simple, minimalistic design, and is a great buy considering its price point. Keep in mind though that unlike the RND Dock, the Hyperion Desktop Charger does not come with an AC adapter. Buy now on Amazon, starting from $9.99.

Honorable Mentions:

HTC MediaLink HD

htc media link2

The HTC One can connect wirelessly to a TV with the HTC MediaLink HD. The sleek black box connects to a TV via HDMI, and swiping up on your HTC One screen with three fingers shares whatever is on your phone display on the bigger screen. The MediaLink HD can also save up to 30 photos with its new digital photo frame feature, so you can share high-resolution photos directly from your phone to your TV. A dual screen mode lets you share movies or slideshows on your TV, while using your device to run apps. Buy now on Amazon, starting from $73.45.

HTC Bluetooth StereoClip

htc one accessory bluetooth stereoclip

The HTC Bluetooth StereoClip allows you to stream high-quality sound from your smartphone to your car stereo or home speakers wirelessly. The StereoClip connects to your smartphone via bluetooth, and all you need to do is plug in the device to the aux port in your car or home speakers.  Unfortunately, there is no way to control the music with the stereo buttons, and calls cannot be streamed through to car speakers using this device. There is a small battery in the Bluetooth adapter which charges using a micro-USB cable, and a full charge will get you around 5 hours of non-stop output. Buy now from Amazon, for $49.99.

HTC Car Kit

htc one accessory car kit

The official HTC Car Kit that can mount to a window or a dashboard courtesy of a weighted base with a suction pad, and securely holds your smartphone in place in landscape mode. The Car Kit activates Car mode as soon as the device is placed in the dock, and will charge the phone as well, thanks to the built-in charging port. If you’re planning to use your HTC One for navigation purposes, the HTC Car Kit is a great accessory to have. The holder can easily be flipped to portrait mode, so the Car Kit can double as a desktop charging dock as well. Buy now on Amazon, for $69.99.