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Folks at HTC probably would probably like to forget the M9 ever existed. A disastrous mix of bad reputation and some very real flaws have crippled the M9, and with it, HTC as a whole. The company is a ghost of its former self, but it’s not ready to walk into the light just yet.

Today, HTC is trying again. More importantly, it’s trying something new. The One A9 is a real departure from the M9 (and its various lookalikes), though you will probably still experience a case of déjà vu. Yes, the One A9 looks like Apple’s iPhone, and HTC isn’t ashamed of it. In fact, CEO Cher Wang was open about HTC’s intention to create a “worthy alternative” to the iPhone.

Regardless how you feel of the design of the A9, the specs will likely elicit a weaker response. Rumors talk about a mid-range affair, and hopefully, the One A9’s price tag will reflect that.

HTC will be livestreaming the One A9 launch event in about 2.5 hours, and we will be bringing you our in-depth coverage as soon as we can. You can watch the live stream right here, starting from:

  • 9AM San Francisco
  • 12PM New York
  • 5PM London
  • 6PM Berlin
  • 9:30 New Delhi
  • 1AM Tokyo
  • 3AM Sydney

Excited for the One A9? Let us know your thoughts!

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