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AT&T will have the 64GB HTCOne exclusively

According to a new promotional video AT&T put out, the carrier will have the 64GB HTCOne exclusively. Do you plan on getting one?
March 30, 2013
According to a new HTCOne promo video uploaded by AT&T, the carrier has the 64GB HTCOne exclusively. In other words, you won’t be able to find it on Sprint or T-Mobile.

It’s not a bad thing that the other major carriers won’t have a 64GB model. After all, the majority of smartphone users rarely use up their 32GB of space, let alone 64GB. For those that will use an entire 32GB of space, it’s unfortunate that there’s not even a microSD slot to make up for it. Of course, one could always opt for cloud storage through Google Drive or Dropbox.

Keep in mind that other carriers could still get a 64GB model. We don’t know if this will be exclusive to AT&T period or if it’ll simply be a two- or three-month exclusive with the carrier.

On another note, AT&T still hasn’t released info on pricing or availability for HTC’s new flagship yet, which could have something to deal with past delays. Let’s not forget that HTC said North America will have the device before the end of April though. We could be in for a bit longer of a wait. In the meantime, be sure to check out our review of the HTCOne!