htc one

The HTC One delays have been pretty annoying for those getting HTC’s flagship device, so the company has decided to make up for the inconvenience.

The company is doing so by offering you, provided you ordered the device from its website (where you can get the unlocked 32 GB edition and 64 GB Developer Edition) a $25 Google Play Store gift card, sent via e-mail.

Bright Side of News reports that it has received the gift card, and posts a screenshot of it, which you can see below. So do a few users on the XDA Developers Forums, all sounding very happy, which only comes to prove what a small gesture of respect for customers can do for a company’s image.


The HTC One’s sales have been plagued by component shortages ever since the device’s launch, and the company seems to be facing serious personnel-related issues these days. Still, not all seems to be bad in HTC Land, as sales of the HTC One are very encouraging, despite the company still facing some component shortages.

If you’ve ordered your One from HTC’s website, have you received your gift card yet? What do you think about HTC’s idea?

Bogdan Bele
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