htc one 2014 leak shots (5)

It’s not like the All New HTC One was a mystery. Press renders, blurrycam shots, and even an 8-minute hands-on video revealed almost everything there is to see about HTC’s next flagship phone. But this weekend we got even more.

First off, @evleaks supplied press shots of the official covers for the HTC One (2014), and just let’s say they are interesting. Take a look for yourself.


htc one 2014 cover holes (1)
htc one 2014 cover holes (2)

@evleaks described this design perfectly:  Holes. Times. Colors. It’s not clear for now how this smart cover will work, but users will probably have to press the power button for the see-through image to show. Overall, it’s a bold design and if functionality is good, HTC may have a winner here.

More good news: according to the same leaker, the new HTC One will probably have a Google Play Edition, just like its predecessor. No details just yet on this front.

Moving on, another gallery of high-quality images of the new HTC One surfaced online (via, showing what appears to be a version of the device heading for China. We get close-ups of the device’s two cameras, dual-tone flash, and sides, as well as a size comparison with the HTC One Max.

Fancy a video instead? Here’s another quick look at the device, courtesy of YouTube user YLSMixtapes (via Android Central)

And finally, here’s a gallery of the 18 wallpapers that will presumably come pre-loaded on the new HTC One, courtesy of a Phone Arena reader.

What else do you want to know about the All New HTC One?

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