HTC logoIt appears that today is a DigiTimes kinda day.  The Taiwan based site is now quoting the Chinese language Economic Daily News website as providing some new information from Peter Chou, HTC’s CEO.

According to EDN, via DigiTimes, Chou says that it will have sold more than 1 million T-Mobile G1 Android based smartphones by the end of this year, which is right around the corner.

DigiTimes provided this text as being a translated quote from EDN:

While there are slightly conflicting rumors circulating that either T-Mobile is going to launch an Android-based G2 handset in January and HTC is planning the worldwide launch of a second Android handset in April, EDN said that HTC is actually developing its third Android-based handset now.

Of course, if EDN had really printed that, it never would have written the “EDN said….” part that I bolded, above.  So, once again, we really can’t rely on this “news” for much of anything other than fuel for the fire.

So there is probably little to gain from this story.  Of course we know that there is a second Android device coming from HTC.  In 2009, even.  And considering that it takes roughly 18 to 24 months to build a handset, it comes as no surprise that HTC would be working on the 3rd model already.  Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had the 4th in the works currently.

If anybody can provide me a link or something from the Economic Daily News site, post it in the comments because I’d love to see it for myself.  I’d like to get my own translation done to see what is really going on.