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More evidence of HTCNexus appears, possible Nexus set-top box too

It appears that more evidence has appeared to back the idea of an HTCNexus, as well as a possible set-top box.
May 9, 2014

Just yesterday we learned of a possible upcoming Nexus device going by the code-name Flounder. At the time we were uncertain what this device might be, though it was speculated that we could be looking at the rumored HTC Nexus 8. Now it seems we might have some potential proof to back up this claim.

A changelog for the minor Android 4.4.3 release has now been pushed out to the Android Open Source Project, and in it contains references to “device/htc/flounder”. While nothing is official until HTCor Google says it is, this sure looks like pretty solid proof that HTCis in fact preparing a new Nexus device. For those that aren’t aware, Nexus devices always go by a fish-inspired code-name, such as Hammerhead for the Nexus 5.

Of course, just because code exists suggesting HTCand Google are working together on a new Nexus doesn’t mean we are looking at a tablet with an 8-inch display. While it seems unlikely this would be a phone so shortly after the release of the Nexus 5, it could be a new Nexus 10 or even a refresh to the Nexus 7 series. If the rumor mills are right, however, it will be a premium device likely with an aluminum shell and could be destined to replace both the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 product lines.

Aside from the mention of the HTCNexus (aka Flounder), it appears that the AOSP references also allude to second upcoming device with a fish-based codename, Molly. Interestingly enough, there’s also mentions of a Marvel SoC and media codecs, which makes it pretty likely this is some sort of set-top box. Could this be a Nexus-branded part of Google’s upcoming Android TV effort? It’s certainly possible, though hopefully what ever is in store for us fares better than the ill-fated Nexus Q.

For now we really can’t say too much about what Flounder and Molly will bring, though our interest is certainly piqued. Here’s to hoping we learn more at this year’s Google I/O.