Well, we can’t say that HTC hasn’t warned the world about the treacherous roads ahead. As the Taiwanese phone maker shares its October sales, investors are bracing themselves for the worst. It’s clear from the numbers that HTC hasn’t figured out a way to reverse its downward spiral.

HTC posted an audited consolidated revenue of NT$17.2 billion ($589 million) in October, which brings its year-to-date revenue to NT$246.2 billion ($8.4 billion). Surely selling more than half a billion dollar worth of smartphones in a month isn’t that bad? It is, when you’re selling twice as many the previous month.

Seeing that HTC expects Q4 revenue to reach $2.05 billion, Peter Chou and team will have to work harder if they want to reach their sales target for the quarter.

Hopefully, holiday shoppers will be kinder to HTC’s new line of products. What the company needs now is a bonafide hit. It remains to be seen whether the HTC Droid DNA – the Verizon-bound 5-inch smartphone – can help revitalize the brand.

We wish HTC could give us some information about the Droid DNA/J Butterfly’s international release date already. And perhaps a new name as well. Or are you fine with the two names?

Bams Sadewo
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