Since there are some pretty big smartphones out there, and since HTC has decided to go ahead and release a dumb phone to pair it with your big-ass smartphone, we’ll just go ahead and paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy for this one: “In case you need a smaller phone to actually use your big-ass phone, then you might be a redneck.”

Not that we’re judging or anything, because it looks like the HTC Mini will be shipped by default with the Butterfly in China, so some buyers will be forced to get the unwanted accessory. Yes, this is not a joke.

We have no idea what HTC was thinking with this one, but the HTC Mini is a Bluetooth accessory we hope one won’t have to buy. The thing looks like a good-old dumb phone and it’s expected to help you make better use of your large smartphone.

But if you find 5-inch, or bigger, smartphone is too much of a hassle in day-to-day phone call use, and you need an HTC Mini to talk on the thing, then you could probably go for something smaller, but equally smart. Bigger isn’t always better, no matter what they tell you!

In addition to Bluetooth, the HTC Mini comes with NFC support and the device also acts as a remote control when the smartphone is connected to a TV and can be used as a camera shutter trigger but also as a Butterfly finder, in case you lose it (seriously).

Is this why HTC is having a tough time making serious money off of Android device sales? You know, because it’s investing money in products that should have never been approved? Now, if this was a smartwatch, we’d be telling a different story…