There have been reports that today is the day the HTC Merge is going to be made official on Verizon’s network. We all know that this device from HTC has been popular ever since it popped up 18 times last Q4 of 2010. It is also speculated to have an LTE radio and some various random upgrades, but still did not make it on the market. But unfortunately, it hasn’t been upgraded yet and it is still jam-packed with Bing and its 800 MHz processor. Nonetheless, it has global capabilities and has that good-looking, sexy QWERTY keyboard.

Based on the screenshot above and based from the reports, it seems like that Verizon has nothing to do with the HTC Merge. We aren’t really certain what reasons they have for not wanting anything to do with this phone. Perhaps they just don’t want to contend the HTC Merge against their own and well applauded Motorola Droid series. In spite of this, the fact that this phone is from HTC means they are having second thoughts, and potentially, this phone is a “too little to late scenario”. Plus, with all the dual core superphone insanity going on, there’s very little chance it will meet people’s expectations. Although it features HTC Sense, its 800 MHz speed and older specs drags the phone down.

As I have mentioned, the HTC Merge will debut today on Verizon, but strangely, will not be made available for sale. It will however be available to third party distributors, retailers or providers such as Alltel Wireless. Don’t you worry though – if you already made up your mind to pick it up, it will be compatible on Big Red’s network. Keep in mind that there are no hardware or software modifications as of late. However if you want a slider with a full QWERTY keyboard that is made by HTC, perhaps this is the phone that fits you.

Does anyone still love and want to have this phone? Let us know your thoughts.

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Source: Droid Life