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HTC Media Link HD showcased, makes connecting to HDMI displays a breeze

April 21, 2012

Developments in smartphone technology have provided us with a way to easily access streaming and downloadable content over the internet, ranging from pictures and music to full HD movies. While most high-end devices feature 720p or even 1080p video playback capabilities, it is certainly a joy to watch high-quality videos and movies on the small screen (Remember when “small screen” meant the TV?).

But our phones boast a lot of other uses as opposed to just watching Youtube videos and movies, i.e. making and receiving phone calls, email, or just surfing the net. As such, it is sometimes difficult to commit to a 90 minute long movie without a lot of interruptions. What if there was a way to watch that movie “on your phone,” while also accessing all the other features, without any disruptions? Now, there is a way, at least if you own the HTC One X/S, with the HTC Media Link HD.

Granted, this is not a breakthrough, with HTC itself releasing a Media Link back in 2010, and with the availability of similar devices from Apple (Airplay) and Western Digital. What makes the Media Link HD stand out from its competition is its incredibly quick setup time, said to be less than a minute, and the ease of accessing digital media, which only requires a three-finger swipe across the screen, feeling almost like “flinging” the video across to the TV.

First seen fleetingly at MWC 2012, the unassuming “black box” features a micro-USB port for power and an HDMI port for output, both connections found on most TVs nowadays. The connection with the handheld device is completely wireless. It basically employs a dual-screen mode, allowing you to view media on your TV or any other HDMI-capable device, while giving you full access to your handheld device, for true multitasking.

HTC showcased the Media Link HD, which is compatible with any Sense 4.0 device, at an event in Seattle today. Unfortunately, that means the HTC One series smartphones, for now. Some of its features include (Courtesy of HTC):

  • Takes only a minute to set up and needs to be done only once. Includes simple gestures that allow effortless navigation between phone and display.
  •  Content from your HTC phone can be wirelessly enjoyed on any HD definition display. Watch movies, share pictures, or play the latest HD game. Because everything is better on a bigger screen.
  • Allows you to view videos and movies while having full access to the phone.
  • Can also display everything from the phone to the bigger screen, which is a huge plus in a lot of circumstances, such as making a presentation.

You can also watch a video of the demo here, Courtesy of AnandTech.

No official information on the release date or pricing of the HTC Media Link HD is available. But Expansys-USA has the device priced at $109.99, which I’m assuming is tentative.

What are your thoughts? Is the Media Link HD going to change the way you share and view content? Is it a must-have or just another unnecessary accessory? Let us know in the comments section below.