image_72The rumour mill is churning once more, with MobileChoiceUK setting things in motion this time around by stating that the HTC Magic, due for release exclusively to Vodafone, will actually be available on 1st May. This is at odds with what Vodafone’s own website stated a while back, when it was advertising the Magic as an April product.

We have no word on where MobileChoiceUK got their information from, but if they are right we can probably assume that the other information they are publishing is also correct: that the Magic will also be free on contracts ranging from £25 and upwards a month. Unfortunately, we do not know if this is for 12 months contracts as well as 18month contracts and beyond. This is normal for phones in the UK, where almost all higher-end phones can be obtained for free on a £30+ per month contract. In reality, the iPhone is really the only exception.

We’ll watch this space and let you know if the date changes!

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.