dsc00355A day after it was promised, the HTC Magic limped into Vodafone stores across the UK this Saturday, the 2nd of May. Most stores had not even updated their shop fronts with any HTC Magic advertisements or general goodies by 11am. Only one of the three stores in Oxford’s busy city centre had updated their awnings to replace the small HTC Magic logo with an equally small, “it’s here” sign. The price plans are somewhat steep compared to online, but it is also worth noting that both online and in store prices now exclude the 12 month price plan options. If you want to pick up a HTC Magic now, it’s going to set you back a total of at least £660 as opposed to the £560 that was available online a few weeks ago.

We managed to persuade Vodafone to photocopy us their in-store price plans notes to show the costs. The Magic is only free on £40 a month price plans when signing an 18 month contract. On a 24 month contract you can pick up the phone for free if you spend £35 a month. Picture after the break.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of AndroidAuthority.com, based in the U.K.