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As rumors and leaks go, HTC will have an October treat for us, expected to announce the M8_EYE, which is, to be blunt, looking like a 13MP variant of the HTC One (M8).

Although the name M8_EYE has been floating around for a couple weeks now, we are happy to finally learn a bit about the device. While there is not much to go by, what we have so far appears to simply be an update to the existing HTC One (M8) hardware.

The M8_EYE upgrades the One (M8) to a 13MP Duo camera sensor, but it does not appear that HTC’s UltraPixel technology is coming along for the ride. Immediate response to the HTC One (M8)’s 4MP shooter was somewhat negative, but many were surprised by the end result of the images as the UltraPixel technology meant larger pixels that captured more light, resulting in a great quality image, if a little low on the overall pixel count.

HTC One E8 vs HTC One M8 -8

Camera sensors on phones like the 16MP Samsung Galaxy S5, 13MP Sony Xperia Z2, and a long list of other devices that also use Sony’s 13MP sensor, have returned victorious in camera shootouts against the HTC One (M8), and it appears HTC paid attention. Newer HTC phones pack larger MP sensors, in-fact, the Butterfly 2 is already using a 13MP Duo camera setup.

If final rumors are to be believed, the HTC M8_EYE will only be headed to India and China, it will run Android 4.4.4 KitKat and will have HTC’s Sense 6 skin on top.

We’ll keep tabs on things as they progress, to get you all the info we can get our hands on as we all wait for the official announcement for the HTC M8_EYE.

In the mean time, you tell us what you think of this rumored M8_EYE, and if you feel slighted over purchasing the One (M8).

Let me get the ball rolling, this rumored M8_EYE is what the HTC One (M8) should have been the first time around – packing a 13MP Duo camera with that UltraPixel technology really could have been a leap forward for users. 13MP without UltraPixel tech, not so sure about that. Your thoughts?

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