The plot thickens over HTC’s rumored higher-end version of the One. We knew that HTC would introduce a Quad HD version of the M8 known as One (M8) Prime sometime in the future, but a new report suggests two other models may be in the works.

9to5Google, citing “sources familiar with HTC’s plans” claims the One (M8) Plus and One (M8) Advance could join the One family sometime in the August-early September interval.

The M8 Plus will supposedly feature a Quad HD display (just like the newly launched LG G3) with “the highest pixel count to date.” This seems a bit odd, but it’s possible that the leaker was referring to pixel density, instead of pixel count, which means that the M8 Plus’ display  would be smaller than the 5.5-inch G3.

The M8 Plus will be powered by a Snapdragon 805 processor and will feature 3GB of RAM. The device will reportedly be waterproof.

So far, all these specs match the information supplied by @evleaks about the Prime, but according to 9to5Google’s source, the M8 Plus will feature a 13MP camera, not the 4UP Duo Camera seen in @evleaks’ alleged render of the Prime. So there are a couple of possibilities: the Prime and Plus are completely different devices or they are the same device and there was a mix-up in one of the leaks.

Moving to the M8 Advance,  this phone is said to be identical with the M8 Plus in terms of specs, but it will feature a plastic body, instead of metal. The M8 Advance and the M8 Plus will launch at the same time, but the Advance could launch in Asian markets only, just like the Butterfly and the Butterfly s from the past years.

Note that “Prime”, “Plus”, and “Advance” could be just internal codenames, and HTC could adopt “letter/figure”-type names for them, similar to “M8”.

Also worth clarifying is that the M8 Plus and M8 Advance are different from the M8 Ace (also a tentative name), which seems to be a plastic version of the current M8.

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