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A clear shot of the HTC M8 shows the phone’s two cameras, dual-led flash, and a design that’s very similar to the HTC One. The image, published on Twitter by Russian website HTCFamily, depicts what’s very likely the successor to the HTC One, codenamed M8 and due for release in early spring.

This leak matches several earlier reports, including a very credible one from Bloomberg, that said M8 would feature two cameras and two flash LEDs. Besides that, the device doesn’t feature a fingerprint sensor like the HTC One Max, and bears a close resemblance to the original One.


Over the weekend, @evleaks stated that the M8 bears a “striking” resemblance to the One, and, if the image above is genuine, that’s certainly true. The device even features the One’s plastic stripes at the top and bottom, which were also visible in this earlier leak that showed the case of the blue version.

HTCFamily also published an outline of the HTC M8, that doesn’t tell us anything new, but seems to confirm that the phone will feature onscreen buttons.


With this kind of images, there’s always a chance we’re looking at a prototype, though in this case we’re pretty sure it’s the real deal. Rumor has it HTC will unveil the M8, presumably under the One (2014) name, in late March in New York. Four color options are said to be on tap, while on the software side, we expect the annual refresh of HTC’s Sense overlay.

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