htc m8 galaxy s5 concepts

With the Galaxy S5 and the successor to the HTC One right around the corner, various leaks, rumors, and unconfirmed reports are vying for our attention. Here are two interesting concepts based on the info available on the M8 and the S5 so far.

HTC M8 concept

Starting with the HTC M8/One (2014) – or whatever you want to call it – the concept below is the work of Malaysia-based Austrian designer Nikolai Prettner. A student of interactive media, Nik combined HTC M8 reports with his personal vision of what the ideal HTC flagship should look like, and the result is a sleek concept that should get the pulse of any smartphone junkie racing.

htc m8 concept

Nik’s HTC M8 concept features ultra-slim bezels that may not be practical, but sure look good and maximize the screen-to-footprint ratio. Speaking of maximizing screen size, the concept features an on-screen navigation bar, instead of the capacitive buttons found on the HTC One, in line with Google’s guidelines for Android devices. Opinions are divided on the merits of physical vs capacitive vs on-screen buttons, but if you like minimalistic designs, Nik’s HTC M8 concept should be right up your alley.

On the back, the concept features the signature design of HTC’s 2013 devices, with a large camera module and a dual-LED flash. However, some reports suggest there will be an additional camera or a fingerprint reader on the back of the One (2014), and several cases that were allegedly designed for the device seem to support the theory.

Overall, Nik’s design is an interesting, though perhaps over-idealized take on what shapes to be one of the best looking Android smartphones of the year. Moving on!

Galaxy S5 concept

Now for the HTC M8’s fierce competitor, Samsung’s Galaxy S5. The folks at combined leaks and rumors about the Galaxy S5 into one intriguing concept.

Like the HTC M8 concept above, this S5 concept is a bit unrealistic in the way it represents the phone’s ultra-slim bezels. The screen is almost wrapping over the sides of the device, which looks nice but it’s hardly feasible with current technology.

galaxy s5 concept

On the back, you have the plastic-metal combo that some rumors pegged for the Galaxy S5. The concept is clearly inspired from one of Samsung’s recent design patents, but also includes cues from the Active version of the Galaxy S4 and the new Note 3.

The back plate sports the faux leather look that Samsung debuted on the Galaxy Note 3, complete with the stitching going round its sides. That choice of texture and finish looks good on the Note 3 and Samsung’s new tablets, but we hope Samsung will keep its word and bring a radically new design on the S5. Another reservation we have about this concept is that it inverts the choice of materials – rumors say the S5 will come with a metal back plate and plastic body, not the other way around.

Making concepts – and dissecting them – is harmless fun for us mobile fanatics. Moving on to the serious question, when will we actually see how close (or far) from reality these concepts are? The latest unconfirmed reports say February 23 for the Galaxy S5, while the HTC One (2014) is said to be landing sometime in March.

What score do you give these concepts?



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