New alleged images of the HTC M8 leak, showing the dual rear cameras, two-tone flash, and onscreen navigation bar.

This latest batch of images, unearthed by, is at odds with the image from last week that was published by the Russian website HTCFamily. That image, showing the phone’s back, was called out as fake by LlabTooFeR, while developer Shen Ye said it’s actually an old prototype. More damning, an exec of HTC Netherlands alluded that the “leak” was actually a Photoshop job.

These new images are in mostly in line with the one from last week, with a couple of differences: first, the two flash LEDs are connected, and seem to be of different colors, suggesting it’s a two-tone flash, like the one on the iPhone 5S and other devices. It’s hard to tell for sure, but the corners of the device seem more rounded in this new image, and there’s a larger space between the secondary camera and the strip at the top of the phone.

The shots of the front of the device show onscreen buttons, but also a space between the screen and the speakers that’s occupied by HTC’s logo. There’s a chance this is a prototype or even an HTC One running Sense 6, and we hope that’s the case – there’s no good reason to justify that wasted space now that capacitive buttons are finally a thing of the past.

For what is worth, the images match the screenshot of Sense 6 delivered by @evleaks last week, with onscreen buttons and the transparent dock.

In related news, @evleaks also published the purported specs of the upcoming “M8 Mini”. Spoiler: HTC is not sharing Sony’s idea of what a Mini phone should be.

Company executives recently told Reuters that invitations for the HTC M8 launch event will go out in about two weeks, meaning that an event in late March is very probable. With the S5 launching on February 24 and a new Sony flagship possibly coming at MWC, the next two months will be a delight for Android aficionados.

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