new htc m7 leak

Despite the much awaited launch of the Sony Xperia Z happening soon and rumors about Samsung’s Galaxy S4 increasing in intensity, another upcoming top-tier Android phone seems to be the star of the most headlines these days.

We’re talking about HTC’s M7, the big guy that’s been rendered a bunch of times in the past week and that’s had numerous specs and details spilled all around the web. The M7 puzzle is still far from completion, but fortunately we’re all set to put a big piece in place today – US availability.

According to @evleaks (who else?), HTC’s upcoming spearhead will be landing on at least three of the four major carriers in America – AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. The number four, T-Mobile, is left out at this time, but our always reliable source of rumors only tells us that TMO is “lacking concrete evidence”, so Magenta could still be in the mix.


If you ask us, T-Mobile absolutely needs a piece of HTC’s high-end smartphone pie, even if the OEM’s game might have seemed a bit off lately. At this time, there are only four HTC devices sold by T-Mo, two of which run Windows Phone. Out of the other two, the One S is the only half decent Android, so it’s time for something new and hip, don’t you think?

As for the three US carriers supposedly “confirmed” to sell the M7, we have to say we’re a bit surprised of Verizon. Big Red has always been tight with HTC, but do the carrier’s customers really need a sized down version of the Droid DNA with just a few extra muscles? After all, the 5-incher has only started selling last November.

But how about AT&T and Sprint? Well, the former has both the One X and X+ up for grabs, but we don’t think the M7 will cannibalize the sales of the two, while the latter is more or less in the same position as T-Mobile – it only has two HTC phones on sale, including a very old and dusty Hero, so a new one is definitely needed.

Of course, we still have no words on M7 pricing or an exact ETA, but we’re ready to bet we’ll find out more on that during next month’s MWC in Barcelona. In the meantime, we’ll just have to find ways to cope with the waiting and anxiety, won’t we?