htc m7 render

HTC is in trouble; by now everyone who’s even remotely interested in the mobile industry know that. A one-time darling of the mobile market and standard-bearer of the Android army, the Taiwanese company has finished 2012 with a disastrous quarter and the smallest profit in almost a decade.

Peter Chou’s company needs a smashing success to break the dry spell, and all signs indicate that HTC puts its hopes of deliverance into a device codenamed M7. We’ve already seen several supposed leaks and rumors about the M7, but today we get a first look of how the device might look like.


The above image was produced by evleaks, a source that has proved trustworthy in the past. In an Unwired View post, evleaks claims that the render is a screenshot from an animation that shows users how to insert SIM cards into the device. The absence of details (including the HTC logo) suggests that the render is incomplete, and that the final device could look quite different.

I know what you think – it looks like the back of an iPhone 5 (or is it the new Blackberry 10 device?). The resemblance can’t be denied, but HTC could get away with it (unlike Samsung) thanks to the reciprocal licensing agreement that the company signed with Apple last year.

Here’s another image that an Unwired View reader has put together based on the render:

htc m7 render

To help you complete a mental picture of the M7, the device is supposed to sport a metallic unibody design and a full HD display. The Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona is the setting where the M7 is likely to make its grand entrance, at the end of February.

Would you like the M7 to look like this picture? What do you think of those front facing speaker grills?