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HTC M7’s ‘HTC One’ product name apparently confirmed by user agent profile

User agent profile seems to further back up claims that the HTC M7 flagship product will be sold as the HTC One in stores.
February 11, 2013

A few days ago we told you that the HTC M7 could be known as the HTC One in stores once the Taiwanese company unveils it in just over a week from now at its special media event.

This isn’t exactly surprising considering that HTC may be interested in having its own strong Android brand out there to help it boost profits in the coming quarters.

HTC launched its first One products last year, gaining some attention from buyers and the media with the high-end One X models but not only. So while you may prefer the HTC M7 product name, launching a HTC One to further solidify this Android handset family brand certainly makes sense.

Samsung’s Galaxy brand is definitely a great model for all Android makers out there, as Galaxy devices have grown in popularity over the years, to the point where the Galaxy family be confused with the Android brand, as recent search interest seems to indicate.

The HTC One has further been spotted in an user agent profile and this is further proof that the next HTC high-end handset won’t be sold as the M7, as it has appeared in most leaks to date. Of course, that’s assuming the user agent profile it’s not fake. Or that, if true, it doesn’t describe yet another 1920 x 1080 HTC Android handset.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll be closely covering HTC’s event on February 19, so stay close by for official HTC M7 / HTC One details!