While we’ve grown used to seeing info revealed about unreleased devices, HTC’s upcoming M7 is definitely a strong contender at the world’s worst kept secret in history. There’ve been so many spills and leaks lately involving the next HTC flagship that we’re starting to wonder if an official unveiling is even necessary at this point.

The latest report comes from the folks over at ETradeSupply, who’ve somehow managed to score the middle and rear frames of HTC’s M7. We’d usually advise you to take such leaks with caution and a grain of salt or two, but after seeing the two parts handled in a video clip we’re 99% certain they’re the real deal.

The components look a lot like the ones used to manufacture the Droid DNA/Butterfly, so they indirectly confirm the reliability of some of the previously leaked pics. We can now almost be certain the M7 will be a DNA doppelganger, albeit with a slightly sized down 4.7-inch screen.

HTC M7-2

The similarities are more than obvious, starting with the complete absence of curves and matte black finish, but there should also be some design elements to set the two apart. The most striking ones are the different placement of the cam’s flash and the adding of a dedicated camera button on the side.

If you look closely at that back frame you might also notice a teeny-tiny hole in one corner, most likely signaling the presence of a noise-cancelling microphone. Finally, we have to say the housing looks a tad boring on the whole, although we can’t quite put the finger on what gives that impression.

HTC M7-3

It’s not that it looks fragile and it’s not that there aren’t enough embellishments there (after all, we love simplicity more than anything). But it’s just that, when you take that frame and put it next to DNA’s, it looks more like a downgrade than an evolution.

But enough about feelings and impressions and let’s talk numbers too. According to the “official” measurements, the back case is around 7 cm wide and 13.7 cm tall, which is more than enough to accommodate a 4.7-inch panel. However, that’s actually a tad thicker than the DNA and only 0.15 inches shorter than HTC’s current flagship, so again it doesn’t sound like much of an upgrade.

Check out the video clip for yourselves below and let us know what you think. Also, if you’re interested in purchasing the alleged HTC M7 parts, you can get them both for $52.04, or separately, for $41.14 and $19.19. Hmm, could that mean they’re not legit after all?