Building hype around unreleased phones before making them official has always been HTC’s thing, but is it safe to say the Taiwanese have gone a bit too far this time around? We can’t even remember when we heard about the M7 for the first time, not to mention the upcoming flagship has been an open book for a while.

And yet rumors and leaks keep bombarding us at a pace that probably makes even Samsung jealous. The latest? A supposed internal doc from Phone House, a French online retailer, listing the M7’s release date, main features and pricing.

But that’s a huge breakthrough, some of you might say. True, seeing as the handheld’s price was until now only estimated. Then again, something’s really fishy here.

The M7 was always thought to be nothing more than a provisional pseudonym, but if this leak proves legit it could actually be the official market name of the new HTC phone. Which is doubtful.

Another detail that screams fake is M7’s photo next to the spec sheet and pricing. Granted, that is a render of a large rectangular piece of slab with HTC’s logo, so it does tick some of the right boxes, but if you look closely you’ll see Unwired View’s logo pasted on the screen.


Of course, it’s not impossible for the photo to be a sham used simply for illustrative purposes and for the rest of the details to check out, but we’re far from convinced that’s the case.

It’s also not entirely impossible for the M7 to land in France on March 8 for €649.99, as the doc states. The price is in the same ballpark as Sony Xperia Z’s and is more or less what we’ve come to expect from high-enders in Europe. Converted in US currency, it’s definitely pricey ($880), but you know how these things go, so you should expect American retailers to charge $650-$700 tops.

As for the March 8 ETA, that could also check out if HTC will in fact intro the new big guy on February 19. But where does that leave the rumor about the possible launch delay? Well, hopefully, at “never gonna happen”.

Finally, when it comes to specs, this new leak serves us with absolutely no shockers. The camera is still listed as equipped with 13 megapixels and not 4 “ultrapixels”, but to be honest we already filed that rumor under “u” for unconvincing. The rest is the same old – 4.7-inch Full HD panel, Sense 5 UI, 32 GB of on-board memory, 4G, NFC, Beats Audio.

All things considered, does anyone trust this new “leak”? If so, how does that price sound?