Something fishy is going on at HTC that leds some of us to believe that bad information is being leaked on purpose.  Perhaps HTC is getting tired of all their phones being leaked well in advance of their official announcements.  Two cases have recently popped up showing inaccurate information that has been reported widely by most technology and mobile blogs, including us.

We reported on the HTC Supersonic last week being rumored to possess 4G capabilities.  This screen, allegedly of the HTC Supersonic was sent to BGR from a “new tipster”, but there are some odd features.  T-Mobile is the carrier listed, they run a GSM network, Sprint was said to be carrying the device but runs a CDMA network that is prepping for 4G.  T-Mobile doesn’t seem to fit as they have just recently beefed up their 3G network, why would they launch 4G so soon behind it and do they have the resources to even attempt it right now?  Also, and even more peculiar is that the firmware version of this screenshot is of Android 3.0.  While it may not be HTC who leaked this shot, everything about this screams fake.

Another example of misleading information is that the HTC Halo is actually not a smartphone as previously reported, but will be another Android tablet device.  We’ll have to wait and see but it wouldn’t surprise me as HTC is increasingly becoming known for their worst kept secrets.  We’ll keep a detective’s eye on future HTC related news and as these rumors play out, sort out the truth from the fiction.

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