For many of you who are awaiting the online bootloader unlocking tool that HTC promised recently, its home is already up–although the tool is not ready just yet. HTC launched yesterday its developer portal at, which hosts the software development kit (SDK) for OpenSense as well as source code, binaries, and other developer resources related to the operating system kernel running on HTC Android devices.

Claimed to be a developer portal “built by developers, for developers,” HTC Dev will soon also be the home of the Web-based bootloader unlocking tool that HTC vowed to release soon in order to allow HTC device users to unlock the bootloaders on their Android smartphones and tablets.

The OpenSense SDK provides a framework for developers to develop Android apps that will integrate more seamlessly with HTC devices. As of now, an “early access version” of the SDK provides sets of application programming interfaces (APIs) for common controls, stereoscopic 3D display, and the tablet pen.

The new HTC Dev site also has several resources, sample code, and developer guides that application developers may find precious.

Opening doors to the developer community in the spirit of the opensource philosophy and collaboration is a laudable step that HTC is making towards providing better experiences for users of its Android devices.

How does this move from HTC make you feel about the company and its Android devices?

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