The driving force behind most operating systems is the developer community. This is because you may have the fanciest and most streamlined OS on the planet, but if programmers aren’t writing applications for your platform then no one would be using it. This is why a lot of manufacturers support developers – because this will also boost their product. HTC maybe on the ropes right now but they’ve recently taken steps to be more friendly to developers, and thus get more apps on their platform.

Their latest bid is to launch, which is a community website dedicated to helping developers create their applications for HTC products. Most of the site’s content is concerned with the HTC’s upcoming OpenSense SDK, a development kit that hasn’t been released yet – though you can sign up for email updates now.

The site doesn’t go into the nuts-and-bolts of OpenSense but teased the capability for developers to write applications better integrated into the current HTC Sense user interface. It specifically points out that with this SDK devs will be able to have access to a “Tablet pen API” for the Flyer/View 4G as well as a “Stereoscopic 3D display API” for the EVO 3D. OpensSense will also be providing sample code and some plug-ins to help developers to come to grips with the APIs that are unique to the Sense platform.

In addition to the opening of HTCdev, HTC has also launched the HTCpro service, which is the other side of the coin from technical app development; it deals with various services like mobility consulting and management services. It will greatly help businesses seeking to develop their own mobile apps to create an infrastructure that would be better geared for development – and it won’t just be for HTC. The company boasts that the service will help for whatever OS you’re working on – whether it be iOS or other rival platforms.

Suffice to say that this is great news for developers. Seeing HTC do a turn-around and open itself up to developers is good news and with the promise of further instructional material on the site in the future, this can only mean good things for development on the HTC platform.

Source: Androidpolice



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