A few years ago, HTC decided to go for the win with Android and, so far, has never been wrong about its initial impression of Android as a lucrative platform to profit from. The company just recently posted a record-breaking jump of its consolidated June sales. The company reported that sales for June this year grew 88% higher than sales in June, 2010.

The stock market’s response was quick, resulting in a 4-percent rise of HTC stock prices early last week. HTC has been experiencing a 19-percent drop since June 7 owing to rumors of low June sales or flat month-on-month sales. But, the recent results have helped clear up some of the rumors, according to Bonnie Chang, an analyst at Yuanta Securities.

Growth from May to June this year was not very brisk, with only 88% posted for June against the 116% posted for May.

Chang told Reuters that some pessimism will continue to loom over HTC for the second half of the year unless the company provided street-beating guidance later on.

Tech blogger Stefan Constantinescu sees a bright future for HTC and suggests that the company needs to set itself apart from its competitors by introducing new designs. Constantinescu said, “HTC has a bad case of Samsung-itis, meaning all their devices look alike, from the low end to the high end. It’s frankly a bit impossible to tell them apart were it not for the camera specifications etched into the back of every device they ship.”

If HTC’s designs look alike, and Samsung’s designs “imitate” Apple’s, and with Apple angered about “copyist” Samsung’s alleged infringement of Apple patents, what will we have? Probably a world where smartphones and tablets look alike (meaning, we’ll have very few design choices) and a world where manufacturers sue each other for illegal “flattery” (of which imitation is the sincerest form, according to Charles Colton).

What is your personal forecast for HTC in the remaining months of the year?