With the Samsung Galaxy S5 officially announced, HTC decided to take the opportunity to poke a little fun at Samsung on Twitter earlier today by posting the image you see above.

The message is pretty clear, HTC is suggesting that people will feel buyers remorse when the next-gen HTC One is officially unveiled on March 25th. The message would have been a witty way to poke at Samsung while drawing attention towards the next-gen HTC One, but one problem. Shortly after posting up the jab, it was revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t actually ship until April. That’s why sometimes being quick to draw like this isn’t always a good thing.

Still, we suppose it’s possible that some folks will at least have pre-order remorse, at least if HTC’s One is as impressive as they claim it is. What do you think, will the HTC One (2014) blow the Galaxy S5 out of the water, or are you impressed by Samsung’s latest member of the Galaxy S family?

For those looking for more information on the Galaxy S5, check out some of our great video coverage:

Andrew Grush

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