Fly like a butterfly, sting like an HTC! How about that for a publicity slogan for the newly unveiled, but long rumored HTC J Butterfly “phablet”?

We don’t know if HTC has thought about something similar for the 5-incher’s marketing campaign, but we do know that the hype-building has officially begun with a YouTube promo video. The clip runs for just over 30 seconds and looks like a TV commercial made for Japan, although it lacks that certain something to make it really cool and attractive.

Then again, you could have probably put this baby next to a white wall and simply rotate it in front of the camera while playing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” in the background, and we’d still be drooling over it.

The promo video’s main focus is, as you would expect, the unique display sported by the J Butterfly, dubbed Super LCD 3, measuring 5 inches in diagonal and boasting an astounding 440 ppi pixel density.

Surprisingly, there seems to be some effort put behind marketing the rear-facing camera too, although the 8 MP sensor sounds a bit 2011-ish. The design looks like another piece de resistance for HTC’s marketing, so there’s a lot of flipping the phone around to show off its sexy curves.

Last, but not least, we have to notice a Google logo on the back of the device that might not mean something in particular, but could be a sign that this is bound to be another Nexus branded phone after all. Now if only HTC would put us out of our misery and mention a thing or two about this bad boy’s global availability…