We’ve been hearing rumors about HTC making a 5 inch 1080p Android flagship device for several months now. At first we didn’t believe them, but then both Sharp and Japan Display (JDI) confirmed that they’ve begun mass producing the ultra sharp panels. Today we’re pleased to announce that the HTC J Butterfly has been unveiled in Japan, and it has that oh so delicious screen we’ll all soon be lusting after! According to The Verge, the name of the new screen technology is “Super LCD 3”. That makes a lot of sense since the HTC One X uses “Super LCD 2”. The new panel can pump out an astonishing 440 pixels per inch, easily making it the clearest display to ever be shoved into a smartphone.

So what about the rest of the phone? It’s got all the new flagship specs you’ve come to expect: quad core Snapdragon S4, 2 GB of RAM, though surprisingly the camera only does 8 megapixels. That and the battery is a little bit weak at just 2,020 mAh. The phone is 9.1 mm thick, has ultra thin bezels, but for reasons we fail to understand, HTC decided to put capacitive buttons of the front of the device.

Now for the important questions: When is the J Butterfly going to come out and how much is going to cost? Let’s start by saying we have absolutely zero clue as to when this thing will hit Europe and America, but we do know it’s going to land in Japan in December. It’s going to be offered by KDDI, which means it’s going to be subsidized, so we have no idea how much it’s actually going to cost.

We can now rest easy knowing that 5 inch 1080p phones aren’t just some lustworthy fantasy, they actually exist. Let’s just hope HTC makes a Nexus version of this thing!